Meaning is found in discovering your gift.
Purpose is in giving it away.
Life is precious.
I will not waste it.
Every person, important.
I will honor everyone.

I will live on

I seek neither fame nor applause.
Accolades will not define who I am.
Making a difference is not an afterthought.
It is my guiding principle.
Ordinary is not my only option.
And, good enough simply isn’t.
I defy the drift toward mediocrity.
I will exceed expectations.
I will be intentional with my life.
I will leave a positive wake in the world.

I will live for a

Life is bigger than me.
I want to leave a mark that is not easily erased.
So I will…
Give when others take.
Notice what others ignore.
Engage while others walk on by.
Spread kindness.
Inspire hope.
Create value for everyone I encounter.
And encourage others to do the same.

And, I will live with

Everything begins with a choice.
Every choice is important.
So, I choose to:
Be neon in a world of grey.
Be a symphony where formerly there was silence.
Offer my hand as I follow my heart.
Make someone’s story better.
Do for one what I wish I could do for everyone.
Rock my world for good.
Today, I choose to be what I was designed to be!
Today, I choose to make a statement with my life!

Today, I choose to be

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