I help leaders create environments that inspire their teams to bring their best to work every day.
~ Dr. Randy Ross
The Sanctuary, Monterray, CA
anchored by hope

Anchored by Hope

Dr. Randy Ross is a messenger of practical wisdom and needed hope to help untangle the biggest challenges facing today’s business leader, tomorrow’s workforce and the future marketplace.

The Anchor is a Victorian symbol of hope.

As a ship sets sail, the anchor is lifted to represent a new voyage and adventure has begun. The anchor is also a symbol of stability, securing the vessel through the surf and storm. It conveys strength, hope and a sense of expectation as one sets sail to explore what is beyond the horizon.

For leaders, it’s a tangible mark of a new journey and a desire to set sail toward a better tomorrow and a brighter future.

As a bestselling author, CEO of Remarkable, and a former Chief People Officer, Dr. Ross can help your team chart a course toward new exhilarating destinations. Engage Dr. Ross for your next event and inspire your teams to become adventurous.

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