Dr. Randy Ross


Maximizing Results Through Value Creation

Remarkable! is a corporate parable written by Dr. Randy Ross and Chick-fil-A Vice President, David Salyers. Taking abstract principles and creating a concrete narrative, Remarkable! engages the reader while imparting leadership lessons that can transform one's workplace culture, one's own response to life, and one's personal relationships by introducing the four “maxims of value creation”: creativity (creating value in life); positivity (the by-product of creating value); sustainability (leveraging passion to solve problems); and responsibility (empowerment to create value).

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For over three decades I've seen firsthand how the emotional climate of an organization and its culture are both created and sustained by leaders. Remarkable! has been masterfully crafted to help you, the leader, take control of your culture and make it come alive!~ DR. HENRY CLOUD ~clinical psychologist, acclaimed leadership expert, and New York Times bestselling author
Infused with humor and a fascinating story line, this book sets forth principles of a value system that will ensure enduring success for any organization. It is a dramatic story that is both enjoyable and powerful. It is Remarkable!~ EARL T. LEONARD JR. ~retired senior vice president, the Coca-Cola Company; distinguished executive-in-residence, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia
There is significant empirical evidence that a healthy corporate culture facilitates sustained organizational success. Remarkable! provides compelling insight into how personal character development and a healthy corporate culture are inextricably linked.~ DAVE RIDLEY ~senior vice president, Southwest Airlines

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